The Popular Fashion Accessory – A Scarf

Scarves have been an enduring fashion accessory for hundreds of years, dating back to 350 BC. It is believed the original trendsetter was the beautiful queen Nefertiti of the ancient Egypt, who wore a finely woven wrapped scarf under an extravagant jewelled headpiece. A status symbol denoting nobility and royalty it was.

Early adopters also included China military, followed by ancient Rome, where scarves were worn in a more functional role.

Scarves grew as a fashion accessory from late 1600 and began to make their way into the mainstream fashion in 1900. Today scarves remain a staple accessory for both men and women as fashion, function, and religious obligations.

Today scarves are worn in different styles and are available in several fabrics. With the progression in fabric and designs, there is a scarf available for everyone in every season.

Today, we can call scarves a work of art, with advancement of designs and prints available.

With spring arriving soon, we can look forward to dressing up with beautiful scarves for a stroll in the park, garden gatherings or a work meeting.  

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