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Saverah Silk, is made from 100% natural Grade 6A, organic mulberry 22 momme silk that will cradle and soothe your skin whilst you catch up on your essential beauty sleep.

Our 22 momme organic silk contains proteins and 18 essential amino acids which are identical to those found naturally in the skin, meaning that the silk works with your skin rather than against it and can even help combat the signs of ageing.

After sun damage, one of the biggest causes of skin ageing comes from sleeping on traditional cotton, linen or polyester pillowcases. Cotton or synthetic materials can irritate and chafe against the skin resulting in hair frizz, static and deep-set wrinkles and lines on the face. Repeating this action every night can result in skin trauma and those creases in your skin may become a permanent feature, making the face appear older, dull and tired.

High quality silk pillowcases, such as Saverah Silk, help to reduce this trauma by allowing your face and head to move around freely without experiencing friction or any irritation; the silk material works with your skin rather than against it. Research has shown that silk pillowcases are highly beneficial for the skin and are now recommended by doctors, medical experts and dermatologists. They are as an essential part of your beauty regime as moisturiser.

Make Saverah Silk part of your lifestyle and night rituals and prevent wrinkles and other signs of ageing for a younger looking you. Established in 2010, our Silk is made with an ideal momme weight of 22, and 100% organically pure mulberry silk, which means that they are prestigious quality, hypoallergenic and free from any irritants or chemicals.


  • Box includes one Silk Pillowcase
  • Double sided silk
  • Pure 100% organic mulberry silk
  • 22 momme weight
  • Prevents skin creasing, fine lines and aging
  • Reduces hair friction and breakage
  • Elevates the absorption of your night creams
  • Facilitates a comfortable and calming sleep
  • Adds a cooling effect to your pillow
Color: Dusty Pink
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